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Our relationship begins when you call


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When you call

You’ll talk to me, not some assistant, paralegal or intake counselor. I’ll answer your questions as we talk candidly about your case. I will give you my best evaluation and let you decide how you want to pursue your options.


It’s important that we talk in great detail about your injury and your pain and suffering. I know that this can be difficult, but it enables me to evaluate the nature and extent of the harm you’ve suffered. Rest assured that our conversation will be held in strictest confidence as I begin to formulate a plan for your claim. At the end of the conversation, we’ll make an appointment to meet in person and exchange the necessary information for us to proceed with your claim.

I pride myself on keeping my clients fully informed throughout the case. I will call you regularly to provide updates. At the same time, I encourage you to call me whenever you have a question or concern. If I am in court and not available, please feel confident about leaving your name and telephone number to allow me to return your call promptly. I’m also available by email and am happy to respond to your emailed questions.


In more than 30 years of representing injured people and families of victims in wrongful death in jury trials, I have developed proven techniques and methods to make the best possible presentation of your case. I have found that by being able to simplify our trial presentation, the judge and jury understand the basis of your claim from the very beginning. I utilize the most sophisticated computer graphic and digital equipment available to prepare the case prosecution. In my experience, the most successful cases are those that make the claim clearly, dramatically and methodically over the course of the trial.


Our strategy is always to develop the strongest case possible, which may result in settlement offers during the course of a case. I will contact you to discuss these offers and make a recommendation based on the facts of your case, my evaluation of its merits and my experience. Then I leave it up to you because it’s your case and your interests that I’m here to serve.

If this client-focused approach appeals to you, please call me to discuss your case.

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