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Dog Bites

Although a dog can be a faithful and loyal companion, sometimes a dog can be a formidable adversary.  Dogs instinctively protect their owners and perceived territory using their only means of defense - their teeth. Dog bites are painful and traumatic, often requiring emergency medical care. 

The physical and emotional effects of dog bites can be disastrous, and sometimes fatal. Sutures are often required to close wounds caused by dog bites, but that is frequently not the end of treatment and recovery from such an injury. Damaged nerves require lengthy recovery time, fear of dogs and emotional trauma can be long lasting, and scars from the injury are usually permanent and may require a plastic surgeon to minimize their appearance

At the Law Offices of William L. Barr, we have dealt with the complexities of these type of cases many times. Let us help you obtain full and fair compensation that you deserve.

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